Second day of NSO 2010 poltek

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Scedule of NSO was so fun. . .in fact,all new students of poltek were enjoyed all activities. . .we have think before that activities will making so borred,but it was so fun guys. .haha

the game devided into 4 post. That was so fun to do. .

And for the seniors . .gud luck and good job!

NSO oh NSO dum dum dum dum......cik

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NSO 2010 was started. It was New Student Orientation in Politeknik Telkom Bandung and we were Batch 15 group...that was the firs time from NSO schedule. hmmm..we hope that would be so fun after....but...oh my god...opening ceremony?that was so hot guys..and the seniors?for today, they not like evil yet...but we didn't know with tomorrow.LOL

we just make a wish, NSO will be our way for new student Politeknik Telkom to know more about culture, study system, organizations, ETC. we're believe NSO will make us better for ourselves, our family, our faculty, our nation, and our world...we are small but we can!!!! ^_^ giving and caring the world..success for all guys.